I Hope You Dance

After stepping away from the business world over 10 years ago, to spend time raising our 3 kids, I always knew that I would enter back into the workforce in some magnitude, but never in my wildest dreams did I envision owning my own business. It wasn’t until some personal life experiences, including the loss of my grandmother, did I start to think about where my passions lay, outside of being a wife and mother.

I was blessed with an incredibly close relationship with my grandparents, my Pop and Grammy, and losing both of them at young ages less than 10 years apart, definitely had an effect on my life. When we lost my Grammy last year, there were so many things that needed to be done to wrap up her estate, but there were so many things that it was hard to know where to start and it quickly became overwhelming. Family members were frustrated and still processing their own grief and it was not an ideal situation. It was after that experience that my husband and I ran across information on the Senior Move industry and were blown away that there were actually trained, compassionate people that could help others in situations like ours to handle all that we had dealt with. And not only after suffering the loss of a senior loved one, but even during the process of any type of downsize and move into a smaller home or senior community. My interest was definitely piqued. 

The more I researched, the more the passions in my heart were stirred and the wheels of a background in business began turning. I loved the idea of helping others that were faced with difficult choices, when they didn’t know where to turn and what steps to take, that I could be the person that would help them navigate unfamiliar waters and they could just spend time with those they loved the most. I could handle the details of organizing, downsizing, packing, moving and resettling, as well as getting the house emptied, through purging or online auction sales, so the family could wrap up loose ends. This is where reSettled Life started, from a need, an idea and a passion.

I believe in this industry and I believe in this business. I know that my Pop and Grammy would be so proud of me and what I have created. I remember the sweet words my Gram whispered to me after my high school graduation, ones that I have never forgotten, she simply said “I hope you dance.” My husband and my kids are my dance and now reSettled Life is also. I can’t wait to see where this dance takes me and to help those faced with their senior transitions.