The Cost of Not Using a Senior Move Manager

When people ask what reSettled Life does and we tell them, a common response is, “Why would I pay you to do that? I can do that myself and save the money.” Yes, we do charge for our services, and yes, you could do everything we do. But attempting to save money by not hiring a senior move manager may end up costing you more in the long run.

Loss of Time – There is no way to increase the amount of time we have in a day, week, month, or year. All we can do is use it as wisely as possible. Not hiring a senior move manager means time spent away from your spouse and children as you sort, pack, and move items.

After everything is sorted and the items to keep have been moved to the new home, more time is needed to either donate unwanted items or sell them at a yard sale or online. Setting up either of these is time-consuming, and assuming you make some sales, more time is needed to have everything picked up or delivered.

And while you may be spending time at your senior loved one’s home during the move, it isn’t quality time because you will be rushing to get things done instead of being able to enjoy your visit. A senior move manager takes care of the entire process so you can enjoy more time with your loved ones.

Loss of work – If your relative has lived in the home for years, or even decades, chances are you will not be able to clear it out in a weekend or two. This means you will need to take time off work. If you are fortunate to have vacation time, you will be using it to sort and pack instead of taking a vacation with your family or having a few days off to relax at home.

If you don’t have vacation days, you will be losing income for the days you miss. For senior move managers, this is our job, so we sort, pack, and move during the week while you are at work.

Loss of peace – Moving is incredibly stressful, regardless of the situation. Adding in the fact that some relatives may not agree with the move or how items are to be distributed makes it that much worse. While we are not counselors by any means, senior move managers are a neutral third party that can offer an impartial view or opinion. We also handle the actual move so family members aren’t arguing over who did more or didn’t help enough.

Another stressful part of moving is dealing with unwanted items. Selling them makes the most sense financially, but you have the burden of somehow making the items available to sell, bickering over prices with buyers and collecting the money and distributing the items.

Monetary Loss – This loss is ironic because doing it yourself instead of hiring a senior move manager was supposed to save you money. In addition to the loss of income from missing work mentioned above, the costs include buying packing supplies and renting a truck or hiring movers. This cost can increase exponentially if the movers you hire are scam artists or damage items in transit. Doing it yourself will most likely be more time-consuming, which means that much more time before the house can be put on the market and missing potential buyers.

Being faced with a house full of unwanted items is daunting. Instead of taking on the time-consuming task of pricing and selling these items, many people just donate everything. Or they may mark everything too low and miss out on potential income. Hiring a senior move management company – like reSettled Life – that offers an online auction service allows the items to sell at a price determined by demand, ensuring you aren’t pricing items so high they won’t sell or selling yourself short.

Don’t dismiss the thought of hiring a senior move manager because you think it will cost too much. Instead, set an appointment for a free estimate. Then factor in the non-monetary costs before deciding between letting us handle everything for you or doing it yourself.