Moving - My Own Experience and What I Learned


Moving...Sometimes you forget how difficult things are until you live, eat, and breathe it.  Over the past month and a half I have been in the thick of moving my family of 5 into our new home and wow was it HARD! Between selling / buying our home, getting all the paperwork necessary for financing, it was time to begin coordinating the move.  As a move management professional, I knew that the task of moving had many pieces involved, but knowing how physically exhausted and emotionally draining it would be was another story.
The first thing I did was contact our preferred moving company.  Moving is at an all time high in the summer, so it was great that I had top priority on their schedule, due to our professional relationship. 
I decided that I would do our packing and sorting myself because the staff at reSettled Life have been so busy with auctions and moves, but did I ever wish I had our services available.  I ended up sending my kids off to my parents' house so that they wouldn’t be in the way, only to realize that I missed them and I missed a week of their life making memories.
I thought packing would be easy and quick, but after filling two trucks full of "stuff" I realized I had completely underestimated the amount of “stuff” we had.  I started the process by purging items for trash and donation.  You wouldn’t believe how many bags and boxes we got rid of!  Then I started going room by room - my house was piled high with boxes and it became a hazard moving about my home.  Even though this move was exciting for us, I spent a lot of extra hours going down memory lane and reminiscing of the past – and I kept imagining how hard of a task it would be to execute this process for a parent moving into senior living or downsizing from the family home of many years.  Getting rid of items is tough - it creates stress and family turmoil.  I  kept wishing I had decided to just step away – keep working my job and let someone else handle everything.  I wanted to #getbacktowhatreallymatters with my own life and let everything else be handled by the professionals.  Then it hit me – a rebirth of my passion and mission for this company – we do our job because it makes a difference in peoples lives.  Moving is one of the most stressful life events you can have, and downsizing is even more stressful, especially when it means parting with items or having health issues precipitate the need for the move.  So the beauty of it all is, that we aren’t just auctioneers, we aren’t just movers – we are people that work our hardest and very best at making the downsizing and moving process as easy as possible.