Signs Your Loved One May Need to Downsize

Signs Your Loved One May Need to Downsize.png

Determining when a loved one may need to downsize is not always an easy task. They may be weary about moving out of a home that they've lived in for years or they may simply believe that it's not time to move yet. Although it can be difficult to figure out when a good time to downsize may be, there are signs to watch out for that can alert you to the fact that the time may be approaching. Here are some of the top signs that your loved one may need to downsize.

Not Being Able to Keep Up with the Home

One of the most obvious signs that a loved one may need to consider downsizing into a smaller home is the inability to keep up with their current home's upkeep. Homes require a lot of work, from simple everyday tasks to more robust responsibilities, and these tasks can pose problems as we age. Tasks that may start to be challenging, include:

  • Mowing the lawn

  • Cleaning

  • Tidying up

  • Small repairs

  • Washing dishes

  • Doing laundry

If you notice some of these tasks are being left undone, you may want to sit down with your loved one and find out why. It could be that they simply can't keep up with these tasks anymore, causing them to pile up. If this is the case, it may be time to discuss their next steps.

Unused Space in the Home

For a lot of us, once children have moved out of the home, we're left with a lot of empty space, and finding out what to do with that space can be difficult. For some, it may be easy to reconfigure a room to accommodate a sewing space or a home gym, but for others, these spaces simply remain unoccupied. It's important to get to the bottom of why these spaces in the home are unused. Is your loved one trying to figure out what to do with them or is it becoming a challenge to even get to the space? This can be the case for spaces that are located upstairs in the home, as stairs can begin to pose a problem as we get older. Take a look around your loved one's home and take note of the unused space. It may be time to trade in that excess space for something more manageable.

Mounting Monthly Expenses

The costs associated with a home can really add up. Energy bills alone can become a problem, especially if the home is spacious and requires more energy to heat and cool. Property taxes and other bills can also begin to pose a challenge, especially if your loved one is on a fixed income. Choosing to downsize can help to alleviate some of the financial stresses that come with living in a home that is too big for your loved one's needs.

In paying attention to some of these subtle signs, you'll be able to discern whether or not it may be time to help your loved one downsize. Take notice now, so that you can be there to help them transition into their new home when the time is right.