reSettling Life's Treasures: ANRI Wood Figurines

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Handcrafted, beautifully designed and whimsical, ANRI wood figurines have been a staple in many collections for decades. With true craftsmanship and pristine attention to detail, ANRI has created a brand that has set the standard for wood carvings throughout the world. With many unique designs, shapes and sizes, ANRI wood figurines are not only extremely sought after in the collector's world, they also carry with them an air of fantasy and mischief. Our reSettling Life's treasures segment seeks to delve into the world of ANRI wood figurines.

The History of ANRI

In the late 19th century, Alois Riffeser traveled around Europe selling wood carved figurines, which were acquired from a small village in the Alps. Soon after, the ANRI Company emerged in 1912 with Josef Anton Riffeser at the helm. Being a prisoner of a war camp in the first World War, Riffeser began planning his empire...a company aimed at creating its own wood carvings, reminiscent of those found in the small Alps village. As the company grew throughout the years, it adopted a more industrial business model and began to take these beautiful pieces into new markets.

New artists came on board to create exquisitely designed carvings, bringing the ANRI Company to the forefront of the industry. The Riffeser family still runs the ANRI Company to this day.

Creating an ANRI Wood Figurine

It takes three months to create an ANRI wood carving! The process begins with artist renderings of the piece, which is then taken to a master wood carver to construct. Perhaps what sets ANRI apart from the rest is the selection of wood used in their pieces. Only the best woods are used, which include:

  • Maple

  • Alpine pine

  • Lime tree

  • Ash tree

  • Pear tree

The drying process is crucial to the durability of the pieces, which means that all wood is air-dried for up to three years and only the healthiest wood is selected. This attention to detail and creation process allows ANRI to design and manufacture pieces that will last.

Where to Find ANRI Figurines

ANRI wood figurines are still being made and sold today. Interested collectors can find many new pieces sold online; however, if you're searching for a more obscure piece, you may need to dig deeper. Local consignment shops and donation centers are great places to start, as well as estate sales and online auctions.

As you dive into the world of ANRI figurines, remember all of the details that go into ensuring that each piece is made to withstand the test of time. If you're looking for a piece that is crafted with precision and care, ANRI wood figurines won't disappoint, and with a variety of designs available, you may find it difficult to pick just one!