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4 Ways a Move Manager Helps You Downsize and Prepare for What's Next

4 Ways a Move Manager Helps You Downsize and Prepare for What's Next.png

Whether you are a senior family member who needs the help of assisted living or a baby boomer who is ready to downsize into a smaller home, the task of moving can be stressful. Often times, you've lived in your home for decades, meaning that the amount of stuff you have can be more than you want to deal with, causing more anxiety and stress. That's where move managers come into the picture. Specially trained to help ease clients into the transition of moving into a smaller home, assisted living facility, retirement community or condo, move managers are there every step of the way to ensure a smooth experience for the client and their family. Here are four ways a move manager helps you downsize and prepare for what's next.

1. Knowing Where to Start

If you or a loved one have lived in a home for quite some time, the idea of going through all of the belongings can be a daunting task. Often times, knowing where to begin can be the first hurdle. A move manager is trained to guide you through all areas of the home, so that no space is left untouched. They help you take stock of what you have, so that you can get organized for your move. In having someone to guide you through the home, you're more able to stay focused and not get lost in all of your things.

2. Staying Focused

It can be difficult to avoid getting lost in the memories when you're attempting to go through your belongings. A move manager is there to help you stay focused during the process of going through your items. They help you decide what you want to keep and what you can get rid of, so that you or your family member can transition successfully. You most likely will not be able to take all of your belongings with you to your new home, especially if you are downsizing into a smaller space, so having someone there to help you stay focused on the task at hand is essential. Although clients have final word on what stays and what goes, a move manager is there to help the client figure it all out.

3. Doing the Heavy Lifting

It can be hard for seniors or some baby boomers to pack, move and unpack all of their things. That's where a move manager gets involved. Their team assists with the heavy lifting, so that the client can focus on settling into life in their new home. The move manager and their team also:

  • Review the new home's floorplan

  • Decide where all of the furniture and belongings will fit

  • Unpack the items and help the client settle in

  • Help the client with their transition

Having a move manager and their team to help guide you or a loved one through this difficult and time-consuming process can help ease stress levels and promote a positive environment for the move.

4. Providing Emotional Support

One of the most important jobs of a move manager is to provide support to the client and their family throughout the transition. It can be difficult for anyone to leave a place where they've made memories, but a move manager can provide emotional support during this time to help ease the transition and help the client focus on the future.