Senior Safety

Providing Comfort to Aging Adults: Building a Support System

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As we age, it's understandable that what may have once been an easy task to complete may now take a bit more time or prove to be a bit more difficult. Although aging is simply part of life, it can be hard to see a loved one struggling, which is why having a strong support system in place can make a big difference in their life. Being there for your aging loved one can help in more ways than one, and knowing that they have you in their life can mean the world to them. When it comes to providing comfort to aging adults, building a support system is key. Here are some ways that you can build that support system for your aging loved one.

Assistance with Daily Activities

Depending on how independent your loved one is, you may want to consider helping out with some daily chores and activities around the home to help ease stress and make your loved one more comfortable. They may need help with daily chores, such as:

  • Doing the dishes

  • Cleaning

  • Laundry

  • Cooking

  • Running errands

  • Paying bills

  • Taking medications

They may also start to need assistance with personal hygiene tasks, depending on their situation. These may include:

  • Getting dressed

  • Bathing

  • Feeding

  • Getting in and out of bed

No two situations are alike and your loved one may be fully capable of performing these functions on their own. The thing to remember here is that helping with some small tasks at the start, even running a small errand, can really help out. If you're unsure, just ask. They may be waiting for someone to offer a helping hand.

Creating a Comfortable (and Safe) Space

Your loved one's home needs to be able to work for them. If they choose to remain in their home without feeling as though they need to downsize into a smaller space, there are ways to increase safety in the home. Non-slip items, like rugs and bath mats are crucial to preventing falls, so investing in these can really help. Shower bars may also help those who need a little extra assistance to maintain their safety in this dangerous area of the home.

Our tip here is to take notice of your loved one's surroundings. Often times, they don't believe that they need to downsize or simply don't want to leave their home. If their space is proving to be too much for them, you may want to sit down and have a conversation about downsizing to a more manageable space.

Spending Time Together

Spending time with your loved one can really help lift their spirits and give them things to look forward to in the day. Activities as simple as going for a short walk, seeing a movie or just enjoying a glass of iced tea on the porch on a warm summer day can mean the world to your loved one.

At the end of the day, even the smallest gestures can mean so much to your loved one. We all age, and as we age, we all need a support system so that we can get the most out of life and enjoy every moment that comes our way.

Product Spotlight: Recliner Risers

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Senior safety is a top priority, and while many seniors wish to remain independent, there are always risks that need to be taken into consideration. That's why it's important to incorporate helpful tools within the home to assist with everyday living. These tools not only make life easier for seniors, they can also help in reducing the risk of falls, keeping seniors safe in their homes. A product we'd like to spotlight can aid in senior living, not only at home, but also in assisted living centers. Recliner risers are being adopted into many senior homes to help keep them safe when standing and getting up from their chairs. Let's learn about recliner risers and how they can benefit senior living.

What are Recliner Risers?

Recliner risers make getting into a seated or standing position easier for those with limited mobility. The risers are installed under your recliner of choice to bring it up off of the ground approximately two inches. This helps when a person is attempting to get out of the chair, since recliners tend to lean forward, dropping down by about three to four inches. This makes it difficult for someone to get out of the chair when it is that low to the ground. By raising the chair off of the ground just slightly, it limits the forward tilt of the chair.

How Recliner Risers Help

Not only do recliner risers promote increased safety as you lower and lift yourself out of the chair, they also have a variety of other benefits. The ability to stand on your own is imperative, especially for those who choose to live independently, and installation of the risers is quick and easy. They simply attach to the bottom of the wooden base of the recliner, utilizing limited tools for installation. Other benefits of recliner risers include:


·       No interference with rocking and reclining

·       Non-slip pads increase senior safety

·       Compatible with most any type of recliner

·       Variety of colors and styles to match your home's look


This extra level of support can aid seniors in living a more independent lifestyle, either at their home or in an assisted living facility.

The Importance of Senior Safety

It's essential for seniors to stay safe and as active as possible, whether they live alone, in a facility or have the aid of a caregiver. By adopting certain helpful products into the home, seniors are able to live a more active lifestyle. One fall can be detrimental to a senior's health, so limiting this risk is imperative. Sitting and standing can pose a real hazard to many seniors, which is why finding tools to make this easier is important.


Senior safety is imperative. Making sure simple tasks can be performed with ease can help relieve stress and give seniors peace of mind, knowing that they have the help that they need to be able to live their best life. Taking preventative measures, even if mobility isn't an issue at the time can help alleviate problems in the future. Keep in mind the benefits of recliner risers and other helpful senior products to ensure that you or someone you know stays safe in the home.

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