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Local Move Management & Auction Company, reSettled Life, Wins at Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce Business Impact Awards

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Union, Kentucky, May 1st, 2019-- reSettled Life, a full-service move management and auction company, announces that it has won the Start-Up Award at the Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce 2019 Business Impact Awards held last month. reSettled Life provides decluttering, downsizing, packing, professional auctions, moving services and more to seniors and baby boomers, who are transitioning to a smaller home, condo, assisted living facility or retirement community in the Northern Kentucky/Cincinnati region.

Several of the area's local businesses were honored at the event for their impact on the community through strong business practices, leadership, innovation and creativity. In each of the nine categories, five finalists were selected from over 190 applications submitted. This year marks the largest response from local businesses, making it a true honor to have been selected to receive the awards, ranging from Best Small Business, Innovation and Community Champion to Business Growth, Start-Up and Coolest Place to Work.

reSettled Life ( got its start by Amy Wright, Owner and Principal Auctioneer. Grown from the need for this type of service in the area, Wright created a process for assisting clients with their transition to a more manageable space as they age. The team at reSettled Life works with clients and families to help get their home organized, packed and all of their cherished belongings moved effectively. The team helps the client decide which items can be kept, donated, thrown away or auctioned, so that they're able to leave the home and transition to a smaller space easily. reSettled Life's professional auction services ensure that the client's belongings find new homes, with the reSettled Life team taking care of all of the details of the auction from beginning to end.

Wright speaks about being honored at the Business Impact Awards and what she expects for the future of the company.

“Having our community recognize what we do is a big milestone for us. We pride ourselves on helping our clients transition more easily to their new living space, and we work hard to ensure that this process goes seamlessly. It can be a difficult situation that families have to go through, and we're here to make it more manageable. The future is bright for us, and we're looking forward to serving more of our community members in the future,” she explains.

For more information about reSettled Life and the services that they offer, please call (859) 663-1713.

About reSettled Life

A member of the National Association of Senior Move Managers (NASMM), National Auctioneer Association and Kentucky Auctioneer Association, reSettled Life got its start by Amy Wright, who realized the need for this unique type of service in the Northern Kentucky/Cincinnati area. Assisting clients who are 55 and older, the reSettled Life team helps these clients relocate and downsize into smaller homes, condos or senior care facilities, aiding in packing, moving, unpacking, operating professional and licensed auctions for items from the estate and more. reSettled Life's mission is to be there for their clients, taking the worry out of downsizing and moving.

For more information about reSettled Life, please call (859) 663-1713, email or visit