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The Cats Are Moving Too

Not all of our senior moves are for our senior residents, sometimes they also involve their favorite four-legged companions and those can come with some challenges of their own. We had the privilege of helping Ms. W make a transition from one independent senior community to another across town and needed to make sure we also included her two furry friends that would be making the move with her. 

Our team took a Friday afternoon to pack up Ms. W's belongings, leaving out items she would need over the weekend. We wanted to get as many of her personal items carefully packed to ensure that her new residence would feel like home right away. On Monday morning we arrived to meet the movers and oversee the move day. The decision was made that Ms. W's daughter would transport her beloved felines, following along with a reSettled Life policy, and we would make sure everything else was loaded on the moving truck and delivered to her new senior community. Although the cats ended up being a little more difficult to wrangle than we had originally thought, they were eventually secured and made their way to their new home ahead of Ms. W. 

Our reSettling process was a smooth one, as we loaded Ms. W new home with all of her favorite things, making sure to place those items in the same location they were at her previous residence and hanging every family picture and heirloom that she had on her walls around her room. Her furry friends stayed put in the bathroom, to become more acclimated with their new surroundings, and were ready to roam freely by the time we had finished up. When we had every box unpacked and removed from the room, every picture hung and cabinet filled, we said our goodbyes. We left Ms. W with a huge smile on her face and a sense of relief that the overwhelming move was complete and had not been as stressful as she thought it would be. Knowing we had a happy senior client, already settled in her brand new home, gave us a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction, which meant we were able to leave with a smile! 

Listen and Read

I love this business and industry, so when I was given the chance to sit down and talk about it with a news reporter, I excitedly agreed and then counted down until interview day. I was contacted by Bryan Burke at The River City News to make a stop by their Covington office to not only talk about reSettled Life and the senior move industry for a written article, but to do so in a podcast setting, to be published alongside the written piece. It was a first time experience for me, sitting with a headset on, in front of a real radio microphone, and talking about this business that I have such a passion for. It was a fun and easy conversation with Bryan and I love the finished product! So, please take a few minutes to listen to the podcast and read his article. You might find out some things about me and the senior move industry that you didn't know and in turn find that reSettled Life is a company that can help you or someone you know now or in the future!

In A Bind

One of the most interesting parts of being a Senior Move Manager is that no two clients or moves are the same. You never know what services a client will need, what they will find value in, and the timeframe you are working with. Some moves are planned out months in advance, yet others you have just days to make it all happen. Each job, though, is an adventure and this week's was no exception, yet at the end of the job, it was rewarding both professionally and personally.

I was hired by a couple who were in a bind. Both husband and wife, Mr. and Mrs. J, are in their 80s and he had just been released from a stay in the hospital and rehab. He could no longer stay at his previous residence and she was scrambling to find him a new place to live, along with figuring out how to make it all happen on such short notice. She was overwhelmed and stressed. She had found him a new senior community to move into, but had no way of handling the transition, as her health was frail and there was no other family to take on the task and it needed to be done in 4 day. So, she called me. 

After speaking with Mrs.J and finding out the specifics, I went into action mode. This is who I am, I get things done. If I don't know how to do something, I work diligently until I figure it out. I organize, I plan, I execute. By the end of that day, I had a plan in place, with every piece of the puzzle figured out and Mrs. J was relieved to know that the transition was under way, with her not having to worry any longer on how it was going to happen. 

Pack Day arrived the following morning and my team and I went to work at carefully packing and preparing for the move. We worked hard to ensure everything was in place and ready for move day. By the time we left, boxes were sealed and every drawer was empty and ready for the movers. 

Move Day was exciting! The movers arrived promptly and worked efficiently to get the truck loaded. Once we arrived at the new community, it was time to get to work to unpack and "resettle" Mr. J. The couple had already arrived earlier in the day and were able to sit and relax as my team and I unloaded. We unpacked every box and organized as we put things away. The linen pantry, dresser, and closet were filled with Mr. J's belongings. We carefully made the bed and placed all of his personal pictures and items in the exact locations they were in at his former residence. We wanted this to feel like home. When Mr. and Mrs. J were escorted to his new home, there were smiles and words of gratitude. What had seemed like an insurmountable job had been handled with ease and compassion. Mrs. J told me that she was so blessed by the services we offered and that it was such a needed business. 

There's more to this company, for me, than just receiving a paycheck. It's about helping others and providing something that they need. It's about giving someone else, that is overwhelmed, the feeling that everything is going to be okay. There is peace and joy in that feeling and I love giving and receiving those blessings.